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Antenatal check-ups

Antenatal care and schedule of visits

National guidance recommends that if you are having your first baby, and do not have any complications in pregnancy, you will be offered approximately 10 antenatal appointments.

If you have already had a baby, and are having a further uncomplicated pregnancy, you will be offered approximately 7 appointments. 


The following schedule is a guide to the antenatal care appointments for women who are healthy and whose pregnancies remain uncomplicated

For women who are identified as requiring additional care, an individual schedule of visits will be arranged.

Women expecting their first baby should attend all the weeks identified.

Women who have had normal pregnancies and births previously need only attend on the weeks that are ticked. √

8+ - 12 week’s Booking appointment with midwife

·         Full medical and social history, individualised plan of care made.

·         Programme of antenatal care explained

·         Blood pressure, height, weight, Body Mass Index (BMI) recorded.

·         Test urine for protein and glucose, send “mid-stream specimen of urine” (MSU) for infection screening.

·         Blood tests discussed, offered and taken.

·         Information given on diet, lifestyle changes, pregnancy care services, maternity benefits and screening tests.

Approximately 4 weeks after booking appointment or as soon as an appointment is available.√

        Dating scan / first trimester screening scan and screening blood test (at hospital)

15 weeks √ Monitoring visit with the midwife * description below

·         Blood for screening test taken if not already done

·         Review results of screening tests

17-19 weeks (only for women where first trimester screening has not been possible) Review discuss and record

·         Explain purpose of detailed scan at 20-22 weeks

·         If rhesus negative, form given to present at the detailed scan to book an appointment around 28 weeks for Anti-D     

20-22 weeks√

        Detailed scan to check for abnormalities (at hospital)

25 or 28 √ weeks Monitoring visit with midwife / GP

·         Blood test for anaemia (FBC)

·         Blood test for antibodies

·         If rhesus negative blood test for antibodies and Anti D injection given in hospital if accepted ( if 28 week visit )

31 weeks Monitoring visit with midwife / GP

·         Discuss feeding options.

·         Review 28 week blood test results

34 weeks √ Monitoring visit with midwife / GP

        Review birth plan and feeding options

36 weeks √ Monitoring visit with midwife / GP

        Position of baby checked

38 weeks √ Monitoring visit with midwife / GP

        Discuss options for prolonged pregnancy (first baby)

40 weeksMonitoring visit with midwife

41 weeks √ Monitoring visit with midwife

      Membrane sweep offered / induction of labour discussed and arranged

*Monitoring visit with midwife / GP

·         Record blood pressure

·         Test urine for protein

·         Measure and plot height of fundus (after 24 weeks). This is to assess your baby’s growth

·         Review movements (after 28 weeks )


The midwives and doctors involved in your care will offer additional appointments if they think you need them. They will discuss this with you.

Early in pregnancy, you will receive appropriate information about the likely number, timing and content of antenatal appointments. You will be given different options of care and have an opportunity to discuss this schedule with your midwife or doctor.


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