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Young mums

Advice for young mums

Becoming a parent at any age is a life changing experience.  We believe that the experience for younger parents can be dramatically improved when mums and dads-to-be have expert support and advice throughout pregnancy and early parenthood. We have a specialist Teenage Pregnancy Midwifery Service.

Young women, aged 18 and under, are offered a unique, tailor made package of care lead by our Specialist Midwife for Teenage Pregnancy .

Young mums-to-be are offered fortnightly appointments after their first scan and a care package to meet their individual need. This will include a provision of antenatal  parent education. Also the young mum will have access to her named specialist midwife via work mobile number. 

The Teenage Pregnancy Service is entirely confidential and personal information is only shared in the event of emergency.  Appointments can be attended alone or with a friend or family member.  Young women’s families are never informed of a pregnancy without their consent - although support and advice around telling family is provided if necessary.

If the young mum is initially seen by a community midwife and is found to have complex needs, referrals will be made to the specialist service and this can be discussed at the women’s first antenatal appointment.

Young mums-to-be can access the Teenage Pregnancy Service by calling 0116 2584834 and speaking to community midwives who will refer them on to the specialist team.

For more information and support for younger parents, visit www.bubbalicious.co.uk


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