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Preparation for Parenthood

Baby face
Baby face

Saying "Hello" to your baby can start today – take time out every day to relax, stroke your baby bump and talk to your growing baby.  Your partner can also enjoy this time.

Getting to know your baby app 
'Getting to Know Your Baby’ app is designed to help parents understand and respond to their developing babies. It is the first app to show videos of babies in each of the six different sleep / wake states and this will help mums and dads to interpret their own infants’ cues and signals....
find out more...

Getting to know your baby website
The website is to help health professionals support early bonding between parents and their babies, and to promote secure infant attachment.  It uses video to show how parents and infants achieve this before and after birth, and includes a section on supporting parents in challenging circumstances,  such as when parents experience anxiety or depression, when there is domestic violence, or when they are dependent on alcohol or substances...find out more

A warm welcome after birth – do you know that skin to skin cuddles are a lovely way of welcoming your new baby.  It will help to keep your baby warm, calm you both and will encourage the surge of love hormones that help you form that special bond with your baby. 

Having conversations with your baby from day one – it is important for babies to feel secure to develop fully.  Try not to leave your baby to cry, you will not ‘spoil’ your baby by responding to their needs for food, cuddles and comfort.  Keeping your baby with you day and night will help you to notice and respond to your baby’s needs for comfort and feeding, making life easier. Your natural instincts will help you to know what your baby needs.

Feeding your baby – you do not have to decide about feeding, you can wait until your baby is in your arms.  If you have any worries about feeding, do not be afraid to ask the person caring for you in pregnancy.  They can give you information on the value of breastfeeding as food, comfort and protection for your baby. 

You may find the following link to The Pregnancy Book helpful as this covers many aspects of pregnancy and birth. 

The Pregnancy book

Building a Happy Baby (Guide for Parents)

Mammas Antenatal Breastfeeding Classes on Zoom

Free classes open to women and couples across Leicester. Please contact Sally on 07580 159278

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