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Consultant led care

Women with complicated pregnancies may be advised to deliver in a consultant led unit. Facilities for complications are immediately available at the consultant led units and this may be considered the safest place for you to have your baby. 

A hospital birth can be recommended when women have certain medical problems, complications from previous pregnancies or concerns about the baby antenatally.  There is a Consultant Obstetrician available for both of the delivery suites 24 hours a day.  Other specialist staff such as Anaesthetists are also based on the delivery suites in the event that women may require specialist pain relief such as an epidural.  They also will provide care for women requiring a caesarian section. 

There are specialist neonatal services and Neonatal Doctors and Nurses are available for any baby needing extra support and care at delivery.  Neonatal resuscitaires are available for every room in the event that they are required. 


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