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A mother and father holding thier new born baby

Welcome to our services

We deliver around 11,000 babies each year, at home, within our Midwife led Birth Centres and on the two main hospital Delivery Suites. We believe that most women labour best with as little medical interference as possible, in a place where they feel supported, safe and informed, surrounded by those they trust and who care for them.

Our midwives offer women who are considered ‘low risk’, the option to have their baby at home or at a Birth Centre.

Women who experience problems or who are more likely to develop one are seen within one of our Obstetric and Specialist clinics, where medical staff or a midwife will develop an individualised plan of care.

We provide a wide range of specialist services here in Leicester. In this section you will find links to information covering the many aspects of care provided by our maternity units.

We have two specialist maternity units, based at the Royal Infirmary and General Hospital, which include the following areas:

  • Antenatal Clinics including Consultant / Specialist  / Midwife and Nurse Led Clinics
  • Maternity Assessement Units where women with problems who are not in labour are assessed
  • Midwife led birth centres staffed by midwives and maternity care assistants
  • Two delivery suites staffed by midwives, doctors, anaesthetists and maternity care assistants

We also have a Birth Centre based at St Mary's Hospital in Melton Mowbray and a dedicated Home Birth Team.

Every year there will be some babies that need extra care in our neonatal unit

We have a Neonatal Unit at the Royal Infirmary and a Special Care Baby Unit at the General Hospital. At these units we provide intensive care, high dependency care and transitional care when it is needed. 

We are the lead centre for the Regional Neonatal Network, which means that we also take babies from around the country who need our neonatal expertise.

For those really poorly babies we also have a team of experts at the Glenfield hospital who can provide Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) in our East Midlands Congenital Heart Centre.

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