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Community midwife Lucy Pashley getting out of a car

Community midwives

Our community midwives care for women throughout their pregnancy and in the first days after the birth of their baby.  There is also a dedicated home birth team of community midwives who provide this care and care during labour for those women who wish to remain at home. 

When you discover you are pregnant you should contact your GP surgery or local Childrens Centre to see a midwife as soon as possible. They will be able to talk to you about all of your options. It is particularly important that you book in early so that there is time for you to get information about scans and screening tests available to you. 

Please try to arrange to see a midwife by the time you are 12 weeks pregnant. If you are having any problems finding a midwife you can register online via this website if you wish to book to deliver at a UHL hospital only.

If you have no problems medically and have had no previous pregnancy related problems you may well receive all of your care and Antenatal check ups by a small team of community midwives who cover your GP surgery or Children's Centre. There is more information about this in our Antenatal Care section

Once you have had your baby the community midwives, sometimes supported by midwifery support workers, provide a mixture of home visits and appointments in our post natal clinics in order to check on you and your baby's wellbeing during your first days as a new mum, even if you've had a baby before.

Some areas in the city also offer post natal check ups at local children's centres as an option for mums who like to be out and about and don't wish to be tied to the house waiting for the midwife to visit. This can also be a great opportunity to meet other local mums and build up a friend and support network.


If all is well, you will usually be discharged from the care of our midwives when your baby is about 10 days old, at which point transfer to the care of a health visitor to support you.


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