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Cookie guidance

We're providing you this information as part of our initiative to comply with recent legislation, and to make sure we're honest and clear about your privacy when using our website. Please be assured that we're working on a number of other privacy and cookie-related improvements to the website. We respect your choice on whether you wish to enable cookies or not when visiting this website.

Cookies are tiny text files stored on your computer when you visit certain web pages. We use cookies only when needed, for example, when you fill out a feedback or contact form some technical information is kept to determine whether anything is missing before being submitted.

We believe you will have a better browsing experience of our website using cookies, especially as the site contains many contact forms and searching mechanisms. If you don't wish to use (and disable) cookies, you'll still be able to browse the site. Most web browsers have cookies enabled, but see the 'Disabling and enabling cookies' page for help to turn them off should you need to.

Please note that cookies can't harm your computer. We don't store personally identifiable information in cookies we create, but we do use Google analytics to gather which pages have been visited to help improve your experience of the site. Google analytics uses cookies to send basic page information as statistics. For example, they help us to identify and resolve errors, or to determine which areas of the website need more prominence.

We do have relationships with carefully-selected and monitored advertising partners (there is no advertising on this website at the moment) who may also set cookies during your visit to be used for solely advertising purposes - all advertising when clicked upon opens in a new window - please note that we're not responsible for the content of external websites.

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