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A baby in a blanket

Postnatal care

Once your baby has arrived, we encourage you to cuddle your baby naked next to your skin; you will then both be covered warmly. This skin to skin contact helps to keep your baby warm, calms your baby’s heart rate and breathing and is also a good start to feeding your baby….this is a great way to say ‘Hello’.  This is a lovely time for you, as a family, to be left alone for a little while. The midwife is only a call bell away.

Once your baby has fed, been weighed and examined and you have been able to bath or shower, it is your choice whether you wish to go straight home or to go to the postnatal ward. The midwives will continue to support you and help you feed and care for your baby whatever you choose.

Closeness is the key - We encourage you to keep your baby close.  Where possible, your baby should remain with you.  Keeping your baby with you day and night will help you to notice and respond to your baby’s needs for comfort and feeding, making life easier. Your natural instincts will help you to know what your baby needs and will help them to feel safe and secure.

For additional advice on caring for your baby at night please refer to the following links:  

Caring for your baby at night

Infant sleeping advice

If you have given birth normally at one of the maternity units in the city you are encouraged to go home quite quickly. However it is possible for you to transfer to St Mary’s Birth Centre in Melton Mowbray for a slightly longer stay for postnatal care providing there are no problems with you or the baby and there is a bed available.

Discharge information - Going home from hospital video

Preparing to go home from hospital after having your baby:

Red flag symptoms

Below is a video that has been created about the red flag symptoms you should watch out for after having a baby, if you have any concerns please click here to contact someone


This video is also available in other languages please click to here view them 

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