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Dad putting baby in car seat to take them home

Going home by car

The safest way for children to travel in cars is in a child seat that is suitable for their weight and size. Even in a minor crash, an unrestrained child would be thrown about inside the vehicle, injuring themselves and others. It is also illegal to allow babies and children to travel by car without the correct seat.

Check that the child seat meets the current safety standards and that it is appropriate for your child's weight and height.

Remember, it is illegal to carry a child in a rear-facing child seat in a front seat which is protected by an active frontal airbag. It is also better not to place a forward-facing child seat in a seat with an airbag; try to avoid this if possible.

The journey home should be your baby's first experience of a child seat. It's really important that your partner remembers to bring a car seat if you are going to travel home by car in the day you are discharged home with your baby.

More information about care seats

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