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Perineal clinic information

You have received an appointment for the Perineal clinic

Perineal clinic is a one stop consultant-led clinic with a specialist physiotherapist working as a team and in close collaboration with the wider multidisciplinary team.

The referrals to this clinic have been received from the postnatal ward, community midwives and GPs as well as from other health professionals involved in the care of your pregnancy and delivery.

Women are seen routinely following third- and fourth-degree tears and may be referred with perineal wound problems, perineal pain and bladder or bowel problems related to the pregnancy or birth.

You will either receive a telephone or a face-to-face appointment. Please check which one this is.

If you have received a face-to-face appointment, please follow the hospital attendance COVID guidance before and during the hospital visit.

For those who have received a telephone appointment please watch this video below which will give you further information about the virtual consultation.

Please do make a note of any questions you may wish to ask at the appointment.

Consultant: Prof Angie Doshani

Senior Women’s physiotherapist: Clare Crow

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