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Physical health and wellbeing

Importance of perineal hygiene

Frequent changing of sanitary pads, washing hands before and after doing this, and daily bathing or showering to keep the perineum clean is essential.

At each postnatal contact, the midwife will ask whether the mother has any concerns about the healing process of any perineal wound; this might include experience of perineal pain, discomfort or stinging, offensive odour or pain on micturition.

The midwife will assess the perineum as necessary and especially if the woman has pain or discomfort.
Cold therapy, for example crushed ice or gel pads, are effective methods of pain relief for perineal pain.

If oral analgesia is required, paracetamol should be used in the first instance.

If cold therapy or paracetamol is not effective a prescription for oral or rectal anti-inflammatory analgesia can be obtained from the GP.
Signs and symptoms of infection, wound breakdown or non-healing require urgent action.




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