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Screening tests for you and your baby

Sonographer scanning an expectant mum

This section of the website aims to give you some information about the screening tests that are available to you and your baby.

You should have been told about the "Screening tests for you and your baby" information prior to your first appointment with a Midwife.  However, if this is not the case, you will be directed towards this at your first appointment.  The leaflet is also available to download using the following link, this includes several different languages'Screening tests for you and your baby " .  There is also a QR code that will take you to all of the antenatal and newborn screening information

Public Health England have an online video (linked below) with an animated timeline that briefly covers antenatal and newborn screening, the tests that take place during different stages of your pregnancy and any test that take place after you've had your baby (postnatally).

View the antenatal and newborn screening animation video below 


Antenatal screening

Newborn screening  


This section of the website has been created using local and national antenatal and newborn screening information.  Many thanks to the National Screening Committee for the resources they provide, to enable us to give the latest information to women and their families.

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